Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clever songs do not account for the cache line set up three strategies to cool my music box

For me, music fans, songs consecutive hours per day are commonplace. Since my music box with the cool, the songs longer, because it provides a multi-million song music library, without pre-downloading, you just arranged the song list, it automatically from the Internet search, download and Play the songs you want, it is easy to listen to hours straight with no repeat songs, and songs extremely cool. But I am cool music box will cache directory, download directory and lyrics directory are the default settings in the C drive, using a long time will inevitably take up a lot of the C disk space, by the following method can transfer these resources to other partitions in the directory, to those in need of friends to share.

First, change the cache path

My music box with a cool online audio songs and MV video, it will temporarily put these songs and MV download the file to "C: Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Datamcache" (Application Data folder is hidden folder) folder to save and then play. The path of the cache should be transferred to other partition, I can open the cool music box, and then click the upper right corner click the "Menu / Options settings" option to open "System Settings" dialog box, switch to the "Download Settings" window. Click "Save cache resources to the" box "Browse" button to open the "Browse Folder" dialog box, specify a directory in the other partition, continuous click "OK" button. I then restart the cool music box, the cache path to move to a directory you specify.

Tip: cool music box I take up the cache directory by default 512MB of space, if you want to change its size, can be "automatically set the cache size" box of hook removal, and then under the need to specify the "manually set the cache size" box of value can be.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Under the iceberg

If the ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications is floating on the sea ice, then carrying large amounts of information flow network is the base of huge icebergs. We have been accustomed to see from above, ERP, now may wish to another point.

ERP supports enterprise business, but what sustains ERP?

We always assume that the network can support the ERP application, but this assumption is not sound. ERP applications facing more pressure, such as from the various application modules - financial, human resources, manufacturing, order management, procurement, communications and so on pressure from local, remote and mobile connection to the pressure, and the time of the pressure - monthly report, the daily transaction processing and data analysis.

And with the continuous expansion of the system, there will be more business need to connect - not just internal employees, sales personnel and mobile workers, there will be customers, partners and suppliers upstream and downstream.

Any successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation should be based on a very stable high-performance network foundation. ERP Software includes usually highly scalable IP (Internet Protocol) network infrastructure as a precondition. In order to support ERP, the traditional share-based local area network (LAN) infrastructure must be upgraded to higher performance switching topology. Traditional wide area network (WAN) may need to upgrade to higher speed services to ensure the WAN and remote access connections to reliable application performance. In addition, when critical ERP information flow through the network, the quality of service (QoS) is essential. In order to put together all organizations need a variety of senior management to minimize labor and to ensure 24 脳 7 management of the reliability and data integrity.

Network structure of the three ERP

ERP network infrastructure have capabilities should look like? It depends on what the user selects ERP application, depending on his business model and many other factors. According to 3Com Corporation to provide a data show, ERP systems typically share a basic 3-tier structure - run the back-end relational database management system (RDBMS) in the central server; run business applications software, server cluster; local or remote users desktop or notebook computer. IP is usually the common protocol layer 3 (earlier versions of these packages may use older protocols such as SNA, IPX or DECnet). Therefore, network design and planning needs to solve a problem - to a centralized server to provide high-performance local area network connection, but also to provide users with flexible LAN / WAN / dial-up connection.

RDBMS applications and server networking

Database server and the link between the application server running on IP over commonly used database access protocols, such as Structured Query Language (SQL) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) protocol. These interactions have a considerable flow of information, but it is extremely important, requiring a lot of bandwidth and low latency.

In the past, in order to interconnect the back-end database and application server up, you must use a dedicated Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) network. Today, most ERP applications can run well on a dedicated Fast Ethernet (shared type, or exchange-type) and Gigabit links. Back-end servers and redundant links between switches can imitate the inherent redundancy in FDDI networks. Optional network card for the server should support redundant links and multiple links gathering information flow and commitment through a variety of mechanisms for the CPU processing load, so the internal server resources are used effectively.

Application server and the client's network

In establishing a good first step when the park is for enterprise resource planning (ERP) users to upgrade each desktop to provide a dedicated exchange-type connection. Upgrade to a dedicated Ethernet / Fast Ethernet desktop connectivity and high-speed backbone links can significantly increase the available bandwidth.

ERP infrastructure for remote connections, the simulation of wide area network connections at least, is V.90 56Kbps link, for small branch offices and home users as possible using leased lines or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connection. Digital subscriber line (xDSL) and cable networks to replace the remote dial-up modem is faster approach.

Advanced ERP network

As the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application software manufacturers in adding to their Web interface, users will have the honor to use a consistent browser interface, without having to enable the ERP solution were in the manufacturing, distribution, human resources and other modules of different application. This truly ERP server into the Web server, it must provide users already accustomed to high-speed transaction processing response time, even more than the speed of Web. This requires the network of experts to develop a QoS strategy; the strategy would not only solve the problem of network resources, but also to solve the server resources. Server load balancing helps to ensure that the appropriate server bandwidth, but also provide the necessary redundancy.

The best use of ERP means that you can access business partners - customers, partners and suppliers. This means that the need to increase ERP to Web interface advanced security features, such as public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates. Service providers to provide high priority is being rapidly ERP (relative to the Web information flow) of the virtual private network (VPN) service, and to flow through the public network to provide secure information flow tunnel. Through the VPN QoS and security features in combination, these suppliers will be able to provide between the various companies dedicated Exranet.

The impact of technology on call center

In mature technologies, the greatest impact on the call center may be all kinds of information - voice, data and video already available in the same network to communicate general. A few years ago, 3Com Corporation this technology is called "unified network."

Call center may be the first to adopt this technology and benefit from this technology enterprise applications. The network increasingly standardized (so open greatly enhanced), of Moore's Law continue to come true (for PC more powerful, cheaper price), and the Internet's popularity (the user can get cheap and efficient connection means), all of these technologies mature, so that call centers are highly customizable from a proprietary program, has become a standard hardware platform, forming a package consisting of application, which has a much lower call center costs.

At the same time, these technologies have also evolved several new forms of call centers, such as virtual call centers and Web-based call center.

The so-called virtual call center is to allow the call center staff in the operation of facilities outside of the physical location can also work efficiently. This model has the advantage, for those who call center engineers can not solve the problem - for example, complex products on a particular issue, can be transferred to the headquarters is located in an expert, while the other end of the customer is not feel the contact break and wait. The experts may be employed in an engineering department, but this does not affect the second layer to provide customers with technical support.

If the virtual call center to take full advantage of the company's knowledge base, then, to realize that "unified messaging" benefits must be Web-based call centers to take full advantage of the power of Internet. Now, a call center will not only be able to handle phone calls and faxes, but also can handle e-mail and through the Web, interactive message.

Internet for many customers a new means of communication. Through the Web, customers can make a lot of purposeful self-service, without having the original voice response system through the numerous choices. However, people are always not satisfied. Many customers say they prefer talking with a real person, there are the customers online to submit their sensitive data - such as credit card numbers and mailing address - feel insecure. To draw customers to live this part of the computer and telephony integration (CTI) company has developed a new technology, add a Web page "Call me" (call me) button, the user presses the button, will trigger a traditional phone or IP phone. As long as the user is configured correctly multimedia computer (this computer has been popular for many years), he would see on the screen the call center's engineers, and can dialogue with him. And that all of the information - voice, data and video, are by connecting to the Web's a wire transfer.

And more integrated, will give the call center more features, and thus able to provide customers with better services. For example, the connection with the customer database, will enable engineers to talk about working with their customer information, such as his purchase history, purchase intent, hobbies, etc., which can provide more targeted services and information. This is now a hot customer relationship management CRM. And network equipment, in which no doubt played an important role, not only all kinds of information integration and transmission, just some small feature, it can reflect the ingenuity with which the. For example, the call automatically transferred to free engineers, and even under the call number will be routed to the last phone calls to engineers, to allow customers to hear not only cordial, but familiar voice.

To some extent, the call center is evolving into a "virtual customer care center" (Virtual Customer Care Centers).


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Monday, October 11, 2010

SAP Henning dialogue: a complete understanding of China

Will lose the opportunities to enter the market, we believe that the risk in any market is always there, but in China is relatively small.

I come to China last year, I came three times to go to India only once. I began to Chinese customers a complete concept.

Many people on the "innovation" is a misunderstanding, that the so-called "innovation" is something entirely new, but in fact not the case you may want to change your business model, profitable, business organizations; Second, one must have a Good IT environment and appropriate technology.

"First Financial Daily": SAP recently established with China's Neusoft deep strategic partnership, this collaboration will be of what SAP China's strategic influence?

Henning: The Chinese market has its own specialty, we know there are many branches of multinational companies, our target customers do not just gather in these branches, because we already have cooperation with them. We will select about 10 to 20 companies as our clients to develop key goals.

I would like to deliver two messages to the Chinese market, the first of what we know best to help Chinese enterprises; Secondly, if you want to enter the international market, choose the best partner is necessary, maybe you is currently no international plan But when you have a day to go international, you must update the products you use, which is usually the price will be very expensive.

SAP at the end of May reached a strategic cooperation with Neusoft. Neusoft agreed medium-sized markets in some areas of cooperation, especially for those less than 5 billion yuan turnover of enterprises to provide more suitable products and services. China hopes that bilateral cooperation, especially in China's manufacturing industry, industry sub-systems (micro-vertical) solutions.

"First Financial Daily": how to evaluate the performance of SAP in the Chinese market?

Henning: Currently SAP SAP China's share of the world is still relatively small, but we find that China is a very potential market. First of all, we need to do is to tell the Chinese market of potential customers, we will be co-operative relationship between, rather than a simple business relationship. This will be a long-term plan, we first need to do is to give them confidence. We in Europe have similar experience.

Will lose the market's opportunities Wen Ti, we believe, that risk in any market always exist, but more in China's relatively small. We are in China for more than ten years of development, with many local partners, we believe that through such cooperation to develop in such a market is a better choice. Cooperation with our partners not only authorized it, we will evaluate the cooperation between us and with reference to the customer suggestions and options to adjust.

"First Financial Daily": You mentioned that in addition to outside sales business model and software, SAP has a stronger commitment to China, such as R & D center? Can elaborate?

Kagermann: We have world class SAP Shanghai Research Institute, currently has more than 600 employees, its size will reach 1,500 in 2009. We will expand cooperation with Chinese universities to enable students to learn to use SAP software. According to the experience in Germany and the United States, we are to do so. University of software and funding to enable them to train students.

In China, first of all, we have started to train about 4,000 students a software school, we know the importance of talent in the Chinese market, on the other hand, we can also do some testing on the new software. In addition, we find a number of companies, our products and their combination of original products, testing the relevant circumstances. I think our plan is fully detailed, then, let us look at how the feedback.

"First Financial Daily": You mentioned SAP is looking for and found some coastal areas such as traditional industries such as iron and steel industry customers. For traditional businesses such as steel, you have any suggestions?

Kagermann: We already have more than 10 Chinese iron and steel industry users. These businesses also hope to enter the international market, need IT support. I would suggest to them to prepare for, there are good IT facilities, a transparent mechanism to enter the international market.

"First Financial Daily": there are in the Chinese market for the acquisition plan?

Henning: India and China are two important Asian markets. I come to China last year, I came three times to go to India only once. I began to Chinese customers a complete concept. Our model of the Chinese economy and the achievements of great interest.

Acquisition, depending on whether we are here business needs. We hope to achieve at the same time conducive to China's economic and SAP. Achieve win-win is our goal. "First Financial Daily": You just wrote a book on the revolutionary business model, the original purpose of writing this book, what is?

Henning: This is a technology from a business point of view, not discussed in terms of IT industry in the next time a book on how to change the business environment.

In writing this book, we interviewed a lot of big companies CEO, and in the form of a questionnaire to seek their views, IT technology trends in the future, should be made to the impact of business environment. The book's audience and business leaders who are not IT industry and technical personnel.

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Teach you how to learn Wubi

Five-stroke input method is not necessarily the best, not necessarily the fastest input method, but I am sure, five-stroke advantage has Pinyin unparalleled, not difficult to learn this excuse is worth giving up. You want to try the feeling of 80 words per minute? Do you want to know what is the real Mangda it? Join us Wubi it.

This method has been a year ago, my friend who tried, and now write to share the way, beating five-stroke input method to carry forward.

First, note three points:

First, this is not a singular method, so you still have to work, I just changed the wrong people to learn Wubi traditional learning methods.

Second, if you just learned two days, three hours in exchange for five-stroke, less than 10 words per minute, half of each sentence to ask people how to play, this is too boring if you do not to watch you do not delusional will learn a Wubi.

Third, Wubi is a human and computer language, language learning to stop dreaming about you progress quickly.

Now to explain the shortage of traditional five-stroke learning. The traditional method is to "back root - Separation of Chinese Studies - University last document code - formal type", any person that is difficult to say Wubi first and second dorsal root Separation of Chinese is difficult. Dorsal root on the table, many veterans say their five strokes back no root table, but the hand on the keyboard will be playing a character, because the letters on the keyboard that the fundamental and little contact and no root, root is by the key position designed. So here I will certainly root for all of us Do not back, even if the back, they would forget. My approach is to start a formal typing, do not want anything else.

Now ready to work:

1, you can be a counter-check spelling and a root table shows the features of the five-stroke input method. Preferred pole, the second choice very cool.

2, looking for consecutive two days.

3, a pen and papers (not learning to type it? To pen and paper doing? Not control, do it! Important)

4, you will be a five-stroke first person to help you through customs.

First day

If you find one helper, then get started.

Let him tell you:

1, five strokes in Wubi Wubi is that it how the keyboard in the distribution?

2, root table where each key has a number, such as the G11, V53, U42, etc. that number represent?

3, from GFDSA HJKLM TREWQ YUIOP NBVCX order to explain each key in each root and at least give you an example, but not more than 4. For example, as long as the stress when the word is the root, do not speak the words of demolition method. This process should be carried out on paper. (Not call you back, do not back, like reading, and do not understand it does not matter) Now after a half hour, to complete this step if you have a great section of road by walking.

4, and then click open the computer, five-stroke input method, root form, if it is extreme, then the "five temporary spell" to "five pinyin."

5, the table began to look at root type.

6, open the font size selected in early WORD number (the largest one)

7, in ensuring the correct use is not looking at the keyboard fingering and the premise, and asked him what kind of keys? How do I get? And beat down. Must use the correct fingering and not looking at the keyboard, it is very important. (Add here that a majority of Wubi users do not know the fingering rules: play spaces should Nazhi fingers? The answer is that if the final sum of the TGB to use the right button to the left thumb, if YHN to the right of the with the left thumb. beginners must develop the habit)

8, Congratulations, you have learned to play 25 characters of the. Then asked how to play root? Also try to play 3-10 root. Congratulations again, you learn to play more than 100 words of the.

9, then you have a question: before the school's more than 100 words are in root form, if not form the words how to fight? See Article 10.

10 "sheet of the word," first I learn to write is his first name, their names are not going to be asked how typing? First learning to play their own name. Wubi is like typing simple as playing with blocks, what with the root table of the word heap without a table.

11, took out pen and paper, write down their name, to be asked, while his eyes to do is to focus on root table, hand on the keyboard, the correct location.

12, the following Article 13 is to teach people to see, and learn not to see.

13, to teach people to see: a piece of paper to write directly to the root of your choice, do not explain why this election and told him to find the one root root table and hit the first word, then the second third words. Enough, not more. The learning process and he will not say what is the Separation of Chinese, until he learned typing and then told him it was called the Separation of Chinese.

(In step 17 where he will have to slowly explain what you are: stroke order, take a large priority, both directly and it can even not pay and can not even loose the four principles, the end of document code, simple codes. Remember, Now do not teach in this step)

14, well, it's time to start their own. Here a few to find one or if you want to play, as the first word down on paper, then do not ask that person, ask the computer how to play. To ask the computer, as I have not said phonetic search of the five-stroke against you? Is useful. Pinyin input with the word you want, whether to see the play Wubi? Looked root table to see clearly do not understand why voting for the root? This play about 10-20 words, not more.

19, the next step, the computer should not first ask, first choose their own try root, no computer on the question. This play about 30 characters, you have learned to hit a five-stroke. This time around has been 2 hours.

20, and then practice their own half-hour. First Tianwan, but in the last few questions to ask before completion: What is a simple code? How to play the phrase?

The next day

1, back a simple code

2, playing 10-20 phrase

3, to find an article to attack them, or find people to talk directly to the QQ.

4, is slowly discovered, has been fly it? Do not see the root table? Typing speed up the play. Congratulations, you have to actually type the Wubi.

Last re-emphasize a few points:

1, do not turn root table;

2, use the correct fingering, do not look at the keyboard;

3, who is the dominant school, was asked to guide people. Religion who made it clear that the current problems we're OK, not to mention the other useless or useful things;

4, teach people not to use the terminology;

5, two days ago must be continuous.

My friend said that this method is not a good reason, but in the process difficult to learn, he never thought things like, a good learning process easier. Wubi friends really want to learn that a try!

Teach you how to learn Wubi

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HR-chain integration

CIO who may not be aware there is an urgent need within the enterprise integration of HR management chain.

Decentralized human resources applications, incentives, employee performance management for the CIO to provide a great opportunity - for the enterprise through the integration of their new benefits. Some experts think that the company's human resources systems into a coherent system of integrated, enterprise and supply chain management can get the same effect. Segments in the management, CIO are promising.

Sandra Lee (Sandra Lee), biotechnology company Invitrogen human director, said: "If you do not integrate these systems, even though we can still operate, but if not for the long-term plan, after a few years you will completely pay the price. "

As businesses focus on HR's often feasible, such as salaries and insurance management, therefore, strategic HR system is basically a backward state. In recent years, with the operation of HR work to be outsourced or completed automation, HR's job is disappearing, which not only caused a reduction in HR staff, has led to the management of the company less dependent on HR. Experts point out that precisely because people no longer look at a strategic HR, did not like the other departments to establish a close relationship with IT, the CIO had little concern about HR system, not a strategic HR work into their schedule in. In the past, CIO for HR's work is only focused on salary and other operating systems, other little participation. But experts point out that strategic HR system for the enterprise has a greater potential for income generation. The future, business success and business operations will depend on the staff of their potential and staff management.

Lisha Luo Wan (Lisa Rowan) is the International Data Corporation IDC's Human Resources Management Services Division project manager and the staff. She said: "As the processing employee records, salaries and subsidies, the effective operation of the HR system, HR managers in the CIO's assistance, has been able to deal with strategic issues, such as performance management, training programs and working arrangements." As a strategic HR-oriented IT projects greatly benefit the entire enterprise, so Luowan Xi Wang CIO support and leadership of this work, rather than continue as before to HR managers alone.

Today, a variety of HR systems are often used as stand-alone information systems within the department, CIO rarely involved. When the CIO to some or all of the systems were linked, will find the HR system more intelligent. If enterprises can adopt an integrated system of HR, by tracking the performance of new staff recruitment strategies Pinggu suitability; can also use the integrated system, and automatically Shishi incentive mechanism, Kaocha staff are Juyouyouxiao such leadership.

The only way to achieve this is to integrate all systems, will be HR-related procedures, systems linked together, CIO will see the company's HR management will be a huge breakthrough occurred. Supply chain management information system integration is a landmark application, it is to influence each other to link the various activities achieved.

IBM is based within their supply chain Model Integration of the HR system, they created a database containing 6,000 kinds of skills, Anzhao hiring, job mobility, staff development and categories to make it IBM managers can ensure that all staff 濂夎 the same criteria. IBM vice chairman of global operations center workforce optimization Dan Funuo (Dan Forno), said: "Through this integration, the company will be able to know which is the consulting skills required for the project, which is manufacturing the necessary skills, internal working arrangements and recruitment system can be targeted. "In addition, the integration also enables managers to understand IBM employees in the skills gap, and thus to focus on the skills needed to cope with their work, the arrangements for staff development, training , incentive and promotion system.

The integration of human resources is not as integrated as the other information systems need to go to war. Accenture (Accenture), a partner Clark (Kraack) said: "HR system and other systems of intersection less, so there are fewer potential conflicts, integration of investment, therefore much less than the ERP."

However, the current HR management software vendor introduced a highly integrated system has not yet reached the level, although some ERP vendors in the package system provides HR products. However, Clark recommends that companies should use the best procedures, and develop their ability to integrate. Other analysts have also endorsed this view. Market research firm AMR Research, said Judy Sweeney, research director: "ERP systems integration and connections in the comparative advantage, but is far from satisfactory." It is because of the shortage of large ERP vendors, the HR software market remains with dozens of different specialized areas of the state of coexistence of small suppliers. Therefore, some software vendors have integrated as an opportunity to start restructuring. But now, these companies basically have not the capacity to develop and maintain a set of high quality HR system resources.

Invitrogen Corporation is integrating its HR systems and resources. Lee said that this will help ensure that the company has always been fair to their employees, but also to managers when necessary basis. She pointed out that the development of the company too fast as Invitrogen, so too late to buy is to integrate multiple products or a supplier with the products of normal return on investment. Lee hopes that its new recruits to the HR information system managers will be integrated with other vendor products, such as the HRIS system, recruitment management system, learning management system, "My goal is to minimize the integration point."

Indeed, CIO should be treated more seriously than before integrating HR systems and strategy. Kashiwamori's Carl said: "IT is the management, planning and control of intermediaries. So, naturally it is the core of unified human resources management." Accenture's Kraack noted that although the human resources department often lonely position, CIO who often do not know what kind of applications can make HR more effective, but the "CIO can be a catalyst for change in this situation, they can and HR executives, business executives, and identify where the problem lies in the best way of course, the tripartite tie. "


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marketplace Transformation: Dragon Mart began to explore a new B2C model

When one day, most of what you need can be found on the Internet, then you would refuse? I think the answer is self-evident. According to China Internet Network Information Center, the current scale of Chinese netizens had reached 338 million people, the Internet is changing China, the Chinese way of life to change, especially in shopping habits, with the development of Internet technology, broadband penetration and the standardization of logistics , online shopping has become a lot of people, especially 80, 90 after an important channel for consumption.

The rapid development of e-commerce channels to bring pressure on the traditional

Hit the face of e-commerce and traditional channels of stores feel the pressure to become more and more. In the beginning, the channel store e-commerce is like the attitude of open source software, like Microsoft's response to a kind of pervasive attitude of denial, they can just e-commerce development in 10 years time, the channel store from denial to anger attitude then fear, and now they finally face this fact and had to accept e-commerce market is eating into the traditional channels of business to bring pressure on them.

Chosen in the face of traditional channels and acceptance of electronic commerce, another question should be born Yun, channels, and online store offline channels channel integration? While traditional e-commerce channel has deep feeling important, but the stick has been thinking, coupled with the lack of actual operational experience, make them into new areas of confidence in new technologies, it is extremely inadequate. Look at their dealers a one shop in Taobao, the advertising costs to drop to Baidu, the traditional role of channel store more embarrassing, and integration of e-commerce into the traditional channels of stores urgent matter.

Dragon out of the new ice-breaking e-commerce mode of cooperation

When a strong business out to a new field antenna, usually in three ways. First: set up your own team, and constantly in-depth exploration; Second: acquisition of a business company in the field extension; Third: with a new business partner. Dragon chose a third way, in this way although it looks a little conservative, but for one sits more than a decade of history in Zhongguancun's old store for the traditional channels, people have an exciting breakthrough.

Dragon's e-commerce site was founded in 2007, but the true scale commercialization operations in 2008 found a joint venture between Dragon and the large long-Po ( site, with the search cooperation, Dragon was a comprehensive B2B2C and B2C e-commerce experience in technical support and Internet operations, and achieve the Dragon's line and e-commerce channels to keep pace with the situation, the same year also introduced the service for users of small Kubo unified service system .

Big Kubo explore new business model

Dianzaishangwu generated by explosive growth of the hidden dangers have become a focal point for the problem, we significantly reduced on Electronic Commerce, people shopping for Shijianchengben and Hua Fei costs, Danshi lack of integrity, lack of unified management, Meiyou relevant laws and regulations right Xiaofei Zhe Quan Yi protection, also make e-commerce market is becoming increasingly unhealthy. In an authoritative survey shows that 28% of consumers had an unpleasant experience of online shopping, many people will be online shopping as an adventure and gambling.

Based in search of e-commerce technology platform and membership system, Dragon to create a "big old long bao bao + small" mode, to some extent, solve these problems. At first, Kubo provides consumers with secure online shopping services, 3C, all settled in large Kubo dealers are strictly audited through the Dragon shop operated business with entities in the link can guarantee that the goods sold online quality. The after-sale problems, Dragon is a unified service through Kokubo mechanism provides guaranteed long-term service, when consumers buy products and enjoy the small Kubota service, after-sales problems coming from Dragon to take, even if the dealer because the operators poor closure, or sublet the counter can not be found will not affect the sale of consumer issues, and to some paid basis, Kokubo can also provide consumers with a permanent service. With these two aspects of security, online consumer will no longer be an exciting adventure.

An addition or a multiplication?

All along, people's views will always view e-commerce in the end of the traditional channels, but in fact they are not completely in opposition to sales, from the Dragon and the search after the marriage among the major long-bao, we can see , between the two channels with each other and mutual support.

In this way, dealers added by large long-bao, a distribution channel, consumers can order online and make payments, the after-sale problems arise, consumers can find dealers in the physical stores, or direct search for Dragon, do not would again like any other e-commerce sites often appear and complaints can not find the seller's dilemma, the process of completely replacing the product by the consumer's control and there is a system 鍙緷.

Dragon's new e-commerce model, the traditional channels of OCS provides new ways and means, this is not a simple extension through the Internet channel, closing channel, or the reconstruction of channel mode, but the clever use of the advantages of traditional channels, combined with e-commerce model will maximize the commercial value. In this new e-commerce model, to provide technical support and operational services in the search also cooperate with the traditional enterprise, access to industry-derived advantages of the new e-commerce platform.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Elimination of information silos
Computer Weekly: Cai total, SAIC could briefly talk about the original purpose of the implementation of office automation?
Cai total: there is a need, only information, so that a small stall owners is not necessary to achieve office automation. As dozens of joint ventures under its jurisdiction, office locations scattered, wide range of businesses large auto industry groups, if the traditional office methods, relying on paper to convey, through telephone calls, by the upper and lower legs and feet, the transfer of information outside the group and exchange will certainly be a very difficult problem, now seems difficult to imagine. Accelerate the achievement of office automation are also become an urgent task.

It should be said, before the Implementation of Office Automation, SAIC's office software and hardware infrastructure, the environment, compared with domestic large enterprises are also good, can solve the individual's office automation. But the staff has been accustomed to the traditional office methods, Duo meet the general transaction processing and simple information management, the lack of a guarantee information security, 楂樻晥, stability, and orderly movement of the platform, sharing resources Bu Neng, the information aspect to mobile Bushun Chang. Between the Group subsidiaries, the company departments, departments on the lower level, between the parallel level to form a an isolated "information islands", tying up the flow of information smooth and seriously affected the office efficiency and erosion of many employees at work. SAIC enterprise information as a basis for project areas, implementation of office automation project is to achieve the information flow to reach for the scientific and rational control and improve the efficiency of the company office to serve the supreme goal of the Group implemented.

Revealed: the Internet Age, management objectives from the logistics, capital flow, information flow across gradually. In the specific enterprise, the information flow more representative of electronic documents, it can effectively improve the interaction efficiency of office, and office practice is through the internal people, people and departments, departments of information collection, accumulation, organization, classification, sharing and dissemination of such acts of coordination, the process of achieving their overall objectives. Therefore, the implementation of office automation is the control and management information flow directly reality.

Strength decided to
Computer Weekly: I heard that you have chosen to open Shanghai Kingdee think the OA system, why not other similar office system?
Cai Total: before the implementation of the project, to define their goals, needs analysis is important. However, the choice of a line of office automation systems to their needs is by no means an easy task. If the internal office affairs, workflow, information collection, dissemination of the process is not clear, select the software does not adhere to the "me-oriented" concept, the end will have unexpected problems arise. Not the purpose of enterprise information to be effectively established the basis of need, SAIC was selected rather than other CASE OA is the result after repeated comparisons results.

Shanghai SAIC value of the brand to open thinking. CASE OA has more than 200 large enterprises and successful user experience should be said to be very rich, and has maintained a development trend of innovation in system maintenance, updates are also essential to keep up with the modern enterprise specific management, office services innovation . SAIC has always had good ideas and open basis for cooperation, our Group Sales Corporation of Shandong distribution center is also being thought to use the open system solutions for customer relationship management, has played an important role.

In addition, and more importantly, open thinking is based on modern knowledge management theory to the development of this OA system, the information and knowledge as the core business of wealth and emphasizing a comprehensive knowledge of enterprise management. The concept of full integration with the international management, the company aim at the forefront among the world's automotive industry for SAIC, it can be said that the management of another sense, secondary. Based on this concept developed by CASE OA system is consistent with the overall management of SAIC, in reality can be better integrated into the management of the group specific and corporate culture.

Voice: The author of interviews that Cai total only bit longer than the management of clumsy technology leader, did not know Mr. Cai Longgen in IT sector dip for many years, enterprise information with a deep understanding and rich implementation of the implementation of practical experience , so I guess the end of this rather embarrassing.

Background: On thinking of the OA system for the enterprises to use Lotus Domino / Notes of the rich and powerful platform for performance, combined with advanced Internet / Intranet technology. It is more in line with China's national conditions, such as office management in many official documents and meetings, referrals to other characteristics of complex reporting procedures, and strive to feature a comprehensive and detailed, easy operation, information exchange and sharing of the internet. Apply to government agencies, social organizations, enterprises, financial institutions, hospitals, schools, research institutions and other kinds of units. Hardware environment in a variety of local area network (LAN), internal network (Intranet), Internet (Internet) use. Also supports handwriting input, voice recognition input and image-office application scanning technology provides us with beautiful, convenient, easy-use environment. At the same time it seems to give special consideration to the use of OA software units, full realization of the paperless office is a process, CASE OA supports both paper and paperless office mode hybrid mode, the user units to help smooth the transition.

Top leader is not a nominal
Computer Weekly: Enterprise information is the "first in command," but the reality is that many business leaders are very faint sense of information that enterprise information is a purely technical engineering, information technology for office automation in the process of part, by the information center, Technology grasped on the line, SAIC OA system implementation for the presence of the same problem?

Cai General: In our SAIC, "Enterprise Information" is not merely fashionable word in words, in fact, as early as three years ago or more, SAIC will be made in office automation and other aspects of science a reasonable plan and put in the implementation. We here, "enterprise information," not merely "the number one project", if only by a few leaders of the attention and participation, it may even a simple lack of specific implementation projects. Information in the course of the Group, to promote all levels of management, all staff involved. Although only the first office automation office automation equipment, Shi Yong, but it solves a big problem in many people's office, obvious effect, involving, change very little, and Rong Yi was staff acceptance, Chule of funds, not to mention need Lingdaotebie attention. The implementation of the CASE OA system, covers a large, need to change the traditional working patterns.

In addition, if the office automation not fully implemented, will not see further results. Therefore, the successful implementation of the commitment and leadership on the degree of attention and collaboration of all staff have a great relationship. Now dozens of joint venture affiliated group within the company are basically the implementation of this project, and group leaders, managers at all levels, overall participation of all employees are inseparable.

Revealed: a modern office automation project, which calls attention to the top leadership, the organization needs to be guaranteed on the need to implement the necessary funding, the need for the formulation and implementation of related programs. The higher the level of office automation, the greater the change in the mode of work, touch things the more difficult to achieve, the more need for leaders in the system, such as practical support staff. Without such protection, there may be a traditional office methods and office automation separation phenomenon, office automation can only be empty talk.

Elimination of information silos
Computer Weekly: Cai total, whether brief talk about the implementation of office automation SAIC, the original intention?
Cai total: there is a need, only information, so that a small stall owners is not necessary to achieve office automation. As dozens of joint ventures under its jurisdiction, office locations scattered, wide range of businesses large auto industry groups, if the traditional office methods, relying on paper to convey, through telephone calls, by the upper and lower legs and feet, the transfer of information outside the group and exchange will certainly be a very difficult problem, now seems difficult to imagine. Accelerate the achievement of office automation are also become an urgent task.

It should be said, before the Implementation of Office Automation, SAIC's office software and hardware infrastructure, the environment, compared with domestic large enterprises are also good, can solve the individual's office automation. But employees still used the traditional method of office, multi-transaction processing to meet the general and simple information management, the lack of an information security, efficiency, stability, and orderly movement of the platform, resources can not be shared, vertical and horizontal information flow is not smooth. Between the Group subsidiaries, the company departments, departments on the lower level, between the parallel level to form a an isolated "information islands", tying up the flow of information smooth and seriously affected the office efficiency and erosion of many employees at work. SAIC enterprise information as a basis for project areas, implementation of office automation project is to reach to reach the information flow of scientific and rational control and improve the efficiency of the company office to serve the supreme goal of the Group implemented.

Revealed: the Internet Age, management objectives from the logistics, capital flow, information flow across gradually.鍦ㄥ叿浣撶殑浼佷笟涓紝淇℃伅娴佹洿澶氬湴浣撶幇涓虹數瀛愭枃妗o紝瀹冪殑浜や簰鑳芥湁鏁堟敼鍠勫姙鍏殑鏁堢巼锛岃?鍔炲叕瀹為檯涓婂張鏄?杩囦紒涓氬唴閮ㄤ汉涓庝汉銆佷汉涓庨儴闂ㄣ?閮ㄩ棬涔嬮棿淇℃伅鐨勬敹闆嗐?绉疮銆佺粍缁囥?鍒嗙被銆佸叡浜?浼犳挱绛夎涓虹殑鍗忚皟锛屽疄鐜颁紒涓氭暣浣撶洰鏍囩殑杩囩▼銆傚洜姝わ紝瀹炵幇鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栨鏄帶鍒剁鐞嗕俊鎭祦鐨勭洿鎺ョ幇瀹炪?

銆??钄℃?锛氬湪椤圭洰瀹炴柦鍓嶏紝瑕佹槑纭嚜宸辩殑鐩爣锛岄渶姹傚垎鏋愬崄鍒嗛噸瑕併?浣嗘槸閫夋嫨涓?釜绗﹀悎鑷韩闇?鐨勫姙鍏嚜鍔ㄥ寲绯荤粺缁濅笉鏄竴浠跺鏄撶殑浜嬫儏銆傚鏋滃浼佷笟鍐呴儴鍔炲叕瀹や簨鍔°?宸ヤ綔娴佺▼銆佷俊鎭敹闆嗐?浼犳挱鐨勮繃绋嬩笉鏄庢櫚锛岄?鎷╄蒋浠朵笉鍧氭寔"浠ユ垜涓烘湰"鐨勮蹇碉紝鍒板ご鏉ユ剰鎯充笉鍒扮殑闂浼氱悍绾峰嚭鐜般?浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖栦笉鏄洰鐨勶紝蹇呴』鍒囧疄鍦板缓绔嬪湪闇?鐨勫熀纭?笂锛屼笂姹芥渶缁堥?瀹欳ASE OA鑰屼笉鏄叾瀹冩槸缁忚繃鍙嶅姣旇緝璁鸿瘉鍚庣殑缁撴灉銆?br />
銆??涓婃苯鐪嬮噸涓婃捣寮??鐨勫搧鐗屼紭鍔裤?CASE OA鎷ユ湁瓒呰繃200瀹跺ぇ鍨嬩紒浜嬩笟鎴愬姛鐢ㄦ埛锛岀粡楠屽簲璇ヨ鍗佸垎涓板瘜锛岃?涓斾竴鐩翠繚鎸佺潃涓嶆柇鍒涙柊鐨勫彂灞曟?鍔匡紝鍦ㄧ郴缁熺殑缁存姢銆佹洿鏂版柟闈篃鍩烘湰鑳藉璺熶笂鐜颁唬浼佷笟鍏蜂綋绠$悊鏂瑰紡銆佸姙鍏簨鍔$殑鍒涙柊銆備笂姹介泦鍥笌寮??涓?洿鏈夌潃鑹ソ鐨勫悎浣滃熀纭?紝鎴戜滑闆嗗洟閿?敭鎬诲叕鍙哥殑灞变笢鍒嗛攢涓績鐩墠涔熸浣跨敤鐫?紑鎬濆鎴峰叧绯荤鐞嗙郴缁熻В鍐虫柟妗堬紝宸茬粡鍙戞尌浜嗛噸瑕佺殑浣滅敤銆?br />
銆??姝ゅ锛屼篃鏄洿閲嶈鐨勪竴鐐癸紝寮??鏄熀浜庣幇浠g煡璇嗙鐞嗙悊璁烘潵寮?彂鐨勮繖娆綩A绯荤粺锛屾妸淇℃伅涓庣煡璇嗕綔涓轰紒涓氱殑璐㈠瘜鍜屾牳蹇冿紝寮鸿皟瀵逛紒涓氫腑鐨勭煡璇嗚繘琛屽叏闈㈢殑绠$悊銆傝繖涓?悊蹇典笌鍥介檯绠$悊鏂瑰紡瀹屽叏鎺ヨ建锛屽浜庡織鍦ㄨ坊韬笘鐣屾苯杞﹁涓氫紒涓氬墠鍒楃殑涓婃苯闆嗗洟鏉ヨ锛屼篃鍙互璇存槸鍙︿竴绉嶆剰涔変笂鐨勭鐞嗚緟鍔┿?鍩轰簬杩欎竴鐞嗗康寮?彂鍑虹殑CASE OA绯荤粺闈炲父绗﹀悎涓婃苯闆嗗洟鏁翠綋鐨勭鐞嗘ā寮忥紝鍦ㄧ幇瀹炰腑鑳借緝濂藉湴铻嶅叆鏁翠釜闆嗗洟鍏蜂綋鐨勭鐞嗗伐浣滀互鍙婁紒涓氭枃鍖栦箣涓?

銆??璇濆闊筹細绗旇?閲囪鍓嶄互涓鸿敗鎬诲彧鏄綅闀夸簬绠$悊鑰屾嫏浜庢妧鏈殑棰嗗锛屼笉鏅撳緱钄¢緳鏍瑰厛鐢熸浘鍦↖T鐣屾蹈鏌撳骞达紝瀵逛紒涓氫俊鎭寲鏈夌潃娣卞埢鐨勮璇嗭紝涓旀湁涓板瘜鐨勫疄鏂借惤瀹炵殑瀹炴垬缁忛獙锛岃繖绉嶇寽鎯充护绗旇?鏈?粓棰囦负灏村艾銆?br />
銆??鑳屾櫙锛氬紑鎬濈殑OA绯荤粺闈㈠悜骞垮ぇ浼佷簨涓氬崟浣嶏紝鍒╃敤Lotus Domino/Notes鐨勪赴瀵屽己澶х殑鍔熻兘鍜屽钩鍙版?鑳斤紝缁撳悎浜嗗厛杩涚殑Internet/Intranet鎶?湳銆傚畠姣旇緝绗﹀悎涓浗鍥芥儏锛屾瘮濡傚姙鍏鐞嗗伐浣滀腑鍏枃鍜屼細璁箒澶氥?璇风ず姹囨姤绋嬪簭澶嶆潅绛夌壒鐐癸紝鍔涙眰鍔熻兘鍏ㄩ潰鑰岀粏鑷达紝鎿嶄綔绠?崟鏂逛究锛屽己璋冪綉缁滀俊鎭氦娴佸拰鍏变韩銆傞?鐢ㄤ簬鏀垮簻鏈哄叧銆佺ぞ浼氬洟浣撱?浼佷笟銆侀噾铻嶆満鏋勩?鍖婚櫌銆佸鏍°?绉戠爺鏈烘瀯绛夊悇绫诲崟浣嶃?鍙互鍦ㄥ绉嶇‖浠剁幆澧冪殑灞?煙缃?LAN)銆佸唴閮ㄧ綉(Intranet)銆佷簰鑱旂綉(Internet)涓婁娇鐢ㄣ?鍚屾椂杩樻敮鎸佹墜鍐欒緭鍏ャ?璇煶杈撳叆鍙婂浘璞℃壂鎻忚瘑鍒瓑杈呭姪鍔炲叕搴旂敤鎶?湳锛屼负鎴戜滑鎻愪緵浜嗙編瑙傘?鏂逛究銆佹槗瀛︽槗鐢ㄧ殑浣跨敤鐜銆傚悓鏃跺畠浼间箮鐗瑰埆鑰冭檻鍒板悇鍗曚綅浣跨敤OA杞欢锛屽叏闈㈠疄鐜板姙鍏棤绾稿寲闇?涓?釜杩囩▼锛孋ASE OA鍚屾椂鏀寔鏃犵焊鍖栧拰鏈夌焊鏂瑰紡鐨勬贩鍚堝姙鍏ā寮忥紝甯姪鐢ㄦ埛鍗曚綅椤哄埄杩囨浮銆?br />
涓?妸鎵嬩笉鏄寕鍚?br />銆??璁$畻鏈哄懆鍒婏細浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖栨槸"涓?妸鎵嬪伐绋?amp;quot;锛屼絾鐜板疄涓嵈鐪嬪埌涓嶅皯浼佷笟棰嗗淇℃伅鍖栨剰璇嗗崄鍒嗘贰婕狅紝璁や负浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖栨槸涓?」绾补鐨勬妧鏈伐绋嬶紝瀵逛簬淇℃伅鍖栬繃绋嬩腑鐨勫姙鍏嚜鍔ㄥ寲涓?幆锛岄潬淇℃伅涓績銆佹妧鏈儴鎶撲竴涓嬪氨琛屼簡锛屼笂姹介泦鍥A绯荤粺瀹炴柦杩囩▼涓槸鍚﹀瓨鍦ㄥ悓鏍风殑闂锛?br />
銆??钄℃?锛氬湪鎴戜滑涓婃苯闆嗗洟锛?amp;quot;浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖?amp;quot;涓嶆槸浠呬粎鍋滅暀鍦ㄥ彛澶翠笂鐨勬椂楂﹁瘝姹囷紝浜嬪疄涓婏紝鏃╁湪涓夊勾鍓嶇敋鑷虫洿涔咃紝涓婃苯闆嗗洟渚垮湪鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栫瓑鏂归潰浣滀簡绉戝鍚堢悊鐨勮鍒掑苟閫愪竴钀藉疄瀹炴柦銆傚湪鎴戜滑杩欓噷锛?amp;quot;浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖?amp;quot;涔熶笉浠呬粎鏄?amp;quot;涓?妸鎵嬪伐绋?amp;quot;锛屽鏋滀粎闈犲嚑浣嶉瀵肩殑閲嶈涓庡弬涓庯紝寰堝彲鑳借繛涓?釜绠?崟鐨勯」鐩篃寰椾笉鍒板叿浣撶殑钀藉疄銆傚湪闆嗗洟淇℃伅鍖栬繃绋嬩腑锛屾彁鍊″悇灞傜骇鐨勭鐞嗚?銆佸叏浣撳憳宸ョ殑鍙備笌銆傛渶鍒濈殑鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栬櫧鍙槸鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栬澶囩殑浣跨敤锛屼絾瀹冭В鍐充簡浜轰滑鍔炲叕鐨勮澶氬ぇ闂锛屾晥鏋滄槑鏄撅紝鑰屾秹鍙娿?鏀瑰姩鐨勪笢瑗垮皯锛屽鏄撹鍛樺伐鎺ュ彈锛岄櫎浜嗚祫閲戠殑闂锛岃皥涓嶄笂闇?棰嗗鐗瑰埆鐨勯噸瑙嗐?鑰屽疄鏂紺ASE OA绯荤粺锛屾秹鍙婇潰澶э紝蹇呴』鏀瑰彉浼犵粺鐨勫伐浣滄ā寮忋?

銆??姝ゅ锛屽鏋滃姙鍏嚜鍔ㄥ寲娌℃湁鐪熸鍏ㄩ潰瀹炴柦鐨勮瘽锛屽氨涓嶄細瑙佸埌杩涗竴姝ョ殑鏁堟灉銆傚洜姝わ紝鑳藉惁鎴愬姛瀹炴柦锛屽氨涓庨瀵肩殑鍐冲績銆侀噸瑙嗙▼搴︿互鍙婂叏浣撲汉鍛樼殑鍗忎綔鏈夋瀬澶у叧绯汇?鐜板湪鎴戜滑闆嗗洟涓嬪睘鍑犲崄瀹跺悎璧勫叕鍙稿唴閮ㄥ熀鏈笂閮藉疄鏂戒簡杩欎竴椤圭洰锛岃繖涓庨泦鍥㈤瀵笺?鍚勭骇鍒殑绠$悊鑰呫?鍏ㄤ綋鍛樺伐鐨勬暣浣撳弬涓庢槸鍒嗕笉寮?殑銆?br />
銆??鎻ず锛氱幇浠e姙鍏嚜鍔ㄥ寲鏄竴涓郴缁熷伐绋嬶紝闇?涓婂眰棰嗗鐨勯噸瑙嗭紝闇?鍦ㄧ粍缁囨満鏋勪笂鏈夋墍淇濊瘉锛岄渶瑕佽惤瀹炴墍闇?殑缁忚垂锛岄渶瑕佽繘琛岀浉鍏宠鍒掔殑鍒惰鍜屾墽琛屻?鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栫殑灞傛瓒婇珮锛屽伐浣滄ā寮忕殑鏀瑰彉瓒婂ぇ锛岃Е鍔ㄧ殑涓滆タ瓒婂锛岃秺涓嶅鏄撳疄鐜帮紝瓒婇渶瑕侀瀵煎湪鍒跺害銆佷汉鍛樼瓑鏂归潰鍒囧疄鐨勬敮鎸併?娌℃湁杩欎簺淇濋殰锛屽氨鏈夊彲鑳藉嚭鐜颁紶缁熺殑鍔炲叕鏂瑰紡涓庡姙鍏嚜鍔ㄥ寲鍒嗙鐨勭幇璞★紝鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栧彧鑳芥槸涓?彞绌鸿瘽銆?br />

銆??璁$畻鏈哄懆鍒婏細鍦–ASE OA绯荤粺钀藉疄鐨勮繃绋嬩腑锛屾偍璁や负鏈?洶闅剧殑闂鏄粈涔堬紵

銆??灏界CASE OA绯荤粺鐨勫姛鑳介潪甯稿厛杩涳紝浣跨敤璧锋潵涔熼潪甯哥洿瑙傜畝鍗曪紝浣嗘槸姣曠珶鏈変竴瀹氱殑鎶?湳鎴愬垎锛屽浜庡凡缁忎範鎯簬浼犵粺鍔炲叕鏂瑰紡鑰屽張鏋佸皯鎺ヨЕ鐢佃剳鐨勫憳宸ユ潵璇达紝绔嬪埢鐔熺粌杩愮敤CASE OA绯荤粺杩涜鐜颁唬鍖栧姙鍏紝涔熶笉鏄竴浠跺鏄撶殑浜嬫儏銆備粬浠綋涓殑涓?簺璧峰垵杩炴枃瀛楄緭鍏ャ?鏂囨。鎵撳嵃閮戒笉浼氾紝杩欎簺鍛樺伐蹇冮噷浼氭湁绉嶈嚜鐒剁殑"閫嗗弽"鍊惧悜銆傚洜姝わ紝涓哄交搴曚繚闅滀笂姹介泦鍥ASE OA鍔炲叕绯荤粺鐨勬垚鍔熷疄鏂斤紝闆嗗洟瀵瑰叏浣撳憳宸ヨ绠楁満鐩稿叧鍩硅鐨勫伐浣滄瀬涓洪噸瑙嗭紝杩欎篃鏄」鐩疄鏂界殑璁″垝涔嬩竴銆傛澶栵紝閭d簺铏界劧鎺ヨЕ杩囩幇浠e姙鍏柟寮忎絾鍗存洿涔犳儻浜庝紶缁熷姙鍏柟寮忕殑鍛樺伐锛屼篃鍑虹幇杩囩煭鏆傜殑"鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栨亹鎯х棁"锛屽氨璞?amp;quot;鍙跺叕濂介緳"寮忕殑蹇冪悊锛岄暱涔呯殑绾稿紶鍔炲叕骞朵笉鑳界珛鍒昏浠栦滑绔嬪埢杞彉杩囨潵锛屽畠闇?涓?釜閫愭笎閫傚簲鐨勮繃绋嬨?

銆??鑰屼笖锛屼换浣曚竴涓」鐩殑瀹炴柦閮戒笉鏄洸鐩殑鑷彂琛屼负锛岃?鏄熀浜庨渶瑕佺殑鑷鐨勫疄鏂姐?瀹炴柦CASE OA绯荤粺鐨勭獊鐮村彛灏辨槸搴旂敤锛屾彁楂樻垜浠殑鍔炲叕鏁堢巼銆備俊鎭寲瀹氫箟鏈韩灏辨槸搴旂敤淇℃伅鎶?湳浜庡悇琛屽悇涓氾紝浠庤?闄嶄綆鎴愭湰锛屾彁楂樻晥鐜囷紝鑰屼笉鑳?amp;quot;涓鸿嚜鍔ㄥ寲鑰岃嚜鍔ㄥ寲"锛岃鑺辫垂璐㈠姏銆佷汉鍔涚殑涓?簺鐢佃剳杞‖浠舵垚涓轰竴绉嶅彉鐩哥殑浼佷笟瀹d紶鍝併?涓?杩借刀鏂版疆鐨勬憜璁俱?鎬讳箣锛屾垜浠槸鐪熺敤锛?br />

銆??鑳屾櫙锛氫笂姹介泦鍥负浜嗛厤鍚堜繚闅淐ASE OA绯荤粺椤圭洰鐨勫疄鏂斤紝涓撻棬鍒跺畾浜嗕竴绯诲垪鐨勮绔犲埗搴︼紝渚嬪銆婂叧浜嶤ASE OA绯荤粺鏂囦欢澶勭悊瑙勫畾鐨勫疄鏂界粏鍒欍?銆併?鍏充簬鍙栨秷绾歌川淇℃伅銆侀儴鍒嗙焊璐ㄦ枃浠跺拰鏂囦欢褰掓。鐨勯?鐭ャ?绛夋枃浠讹紝浠庣鐞嗘柟闈㈣繘涓?鏈夊姏鎺ㄥ姩浜咰ASE OA绯荤粺鐨勫疄鏂借繘搴︺?鍦ㄦ垜浠泦鍥紝涓珮灞傜殑骞查儴鍩烘湰涓嶉厤绗斾笌绾革紝杩欐棦鍙互鐪嬩綔涓?寮哄埗鎬х殑鏆楃ず锛屼篃琛ㄦ槑浜嗕笂姹界鐞嗚?瀵逛簬鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栦箖鑷虫暣涓紒涓氫俊鎭寲鐨勯噸瑙嗐?鍔炲叕鑷姩鍖栧疄鍦ㄤ笉鏄畝鍗曞湴鍊熷姪鐢佃剳鍔炵偣浜嬶紝鑰屾槸涓?」绗﹀悎闆嗗洟鏁翠綋鍙戝睍瑙勫垝涓嬬殑鎴樼暐銆備负鍔犲揩钀藉疄瀹炴柦锛岄泦鍥笌閲戣澏涓婃捣寮??缁勭粐浜嗘妧鏈汉鍛橈紝涓撻棬瀵瑰叏浣撳姙鍏憳宸ヨ繘琛屽姙鍏嚜鍔ㄥ寲鍩硅锛岀敋鑷虫墜鎶婃墜鍦版暀涓?簺鐢佃剳鎶?兘鐢熺枏鐨勫憳宸ワ紝鍔涗簤璁╀粬浠敖蹇?搴旇繖涓?柊鐨勭幇浠h嚜鍔ㄥ寲鍔炲叕鏂瑰紡锛屼互铻嶅叆鍒颁负鏁翠釜闆嗗洟鏈嶅姟鐨勫姵鍔ㄤ腑鍘汇?杩欑瀹忚涓婃竻閱掕?鍔″疄銆佸井瑙備笂鍏蜂綋鑰岀粏鑷寸殑宸ヤ綔浣夸笂姹介泦鍥俊鎭寲宸ョ▼寰椾互杩呴?鍦板紑灞曚笌瀹炴柦銆?br />鍑哥幇淇℃伅澶ч檰

銆??璁$畻鏈哄懆鍒婏細鐩墠CASE OA绯荤粺鏄惁鏈夋槑鏄惧姛鏁堬紵涓婃苯闆嗗洟鏄惁瀹屽叏瀹炵幇浜嗘棤绾稿寲鍔炲叕锛?br />銆??钄℃?锛欳ASE OA瀹炴柦鍚庯紝缂╃煭浜嗘枃浠朵俊鎭拰鏁版嵁浼犺緭鐨勬椂绌鸿窛绂伙紝鍘熸湰闇?鍑犲ぉ鐢氳嚦鏇撮暱鏃堕棿鐨勫叕鏂囦紶杈撱?鏀舵枃鑷姩鐧昏澶勭悊鐨勮繃绋嬶紝鐜板湪鍑犲垎閽熶究鍒╁彲瀹屾垚銆傚?鍔〤ASE OA绯荤粺锛岄泦鍥㈠唴閮ㄥ疄鐜颁簡淇℃伅鍏变韩锛屼俊鎭揩閫熸绱㈠姛鑳戒娇浜嬪姟澶勭悊瓒嬩簬娴佺▼鍖栵紝鎻愰珮浜嗗姙浜嬫晥鐜囧拰涓庡姙鍏川閲忋?姝ゅ 锛孋ASE OA鍦ㄤ繚闅滀俊鎭畨鍏ㄣ?鑺傜害璐圭敤鏂归潰涔熷彂鎸ヤ簡閲嶈鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ?






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